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Melaleuca Important Links

Actions for new enrollee for month 1:

  1. Present Melaleuca: An Overview 
  2. Explain the Membership program, the Learn to Earn Program, Backup Orders and Shipping on Us
    1. Member Benefits
    2. Learn to Earn Loyalty Points
    3. Backup Orders.  Your order requirements depend on your customer status.  Category 1 – just customer, Category 2) Member/customer and some referral of friends, Category 3) Member to Earn money. When you enroll as a Member you commit to ordering a minimum of either 35 or 75 Product Points (your choice) every calendar month. In return, you receive a 30-50% discount off regular prices, are eligible to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars, and have access to a number of other membership perks through the Melaleuca Marketplace. When you enroll as a Direct Customer, you have no monthly commitment, you pay regular price, and you have limited access to the Melaleuca Marketplace
        1. Backup order.
          A Backup Order is a preselected product order created to ensure you maintain the valuable discounts and benefits you’re entitled to as a Member. If you’re away on vacation or business, don’t meet your monthly Product Point commitment, or simply forget to place an order any month, you will automatically receive your Backup Order. We have two Backup Order options to ensure that you keep enjoying your Member status.  You can customize your backup order also.
        2. Packs.
          1. Customized Membership Pack
          Got a good idea of the products you use the most? Call a friendly representative at 1 (800) 282-3000 to set up a Backup Order or you can do this online also.  If you forget to place an order in any given month, your Backup Order will ship automatically.
          2. Backup Order
          Haven’t had time to set up a Backup Order? A special combination of some of our most popular products will be sent to your door automatically.
        3. Backup Order are shipped as soon as we can review the previous month’s orders. This means you won’t receive your Backup Order until the next month. For example, suppose you forget to place your order for January. In early February we review all the orders placed for January, determine who we need to send Backup Orders to, and then ship those orders out. This means you receive your Backup Order for January in early to mid-February.
    4.  Shipping on Us.  Each product has a point number assigned to it.  As you add products to your order or backup order, the points accumulate.  At 35 points, you start to save shipping costs, at 44 points, you have free shipping.
    5. Enroll Customer and and help place their first order.
      1. Go through Getting Started Page
        1. Have them watch Foundations Video
        2. Help them identify their goals (1-just Customer or 2-Customer/Memberplus some referal of friends or 3-Member making it a business)
        3. If they just want to be a customer:  use this refer a friend invite and choose category 1
        4. If they want to make some money or more money:  choose Category 2 or Category 3 and send them to the Critical Tasks Page
          1. Watch building contact list video
          2. Setting Appointments and
    6.  Exchange phone numbers and emails with them.  Shirley phone is 870-692-6938, email is
    7. Hold Strategy Session with them in first 48 hours
    8. Invite them to upcoming Melaleuca events such as the Monday and Wednesday regular meetings.
    9. Place them on email list.
    10. Send personal welcome card.
    11. Call new customer to check in when products arrive.
    12. Set a date with them to go shopping in the second month.
    13. Watch the Foundations video to qualify for Pacesetter.
    14. Invite Category 2 and 3 customers to go to the
      1. Getting Started web page.
      2. Review Learn to Earn videos.