I’ve made a BIG decision!

My BIG decision

I’ve decided to pack away most of my traditional art supplies.  You may ask why have I decided to do this?  It boils down to “space”.  When we moved to Bella Vista last year, we downsized a lot and I have very little storage space or extra space at all.  Lots of my art supplies have already been packed away into tubs and stored in the basement, but I still have significant art items in my home that I really have no place to keep, much less layout to work on creating art.  My dh has been complaining for a year about my work supplies cluttering up the house.  So I’m going to bite the bullet and pack up most of what I have left inside the house.  I may keep a small amount out to work on a few ATC’s but the rest is going to the garage or the basement.

Since I am in my wheelchair, the basement is a place I can’t get to.  The garage is small also and when both vehicles are parked there, I can’t reach stuff there either.


An Artist Trading Card image

An Artist Trading Card image

I’m definitely keeping some items out that I use to create my Artist Trading Cards.  These small works are easy to create and don’t take up a lot of room.  I also really enjoy trading the small works of art all over the world.


Most of my efforts now are going to be in learning more about creating my digital artwork.  I have chosen Aaron Rutten to be my mentor and have decided to continue my training with what he offers online.  Aaron creates his digital art completely from a blank canvas, a blank digital canvas that is.  I find this just as fascinating as taking my traditional brushes and mediums to a real canvas.  Its also much less messy, easy to fix mistakes and there is never a storage problem.  It certainly is NOT cheap or much less expensive, because the tools and software can be pretty pricey though.  But with my upgrade to Corel Painter 2018, the features and techniques that are now possible are totally amazing.  There is no end of the creativity that is possible.  And when I do want a physical art object, I can just upload my file and have it printed on whatever I want, paper, canvas, wood, or metal.


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.


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