Recent Painted Portrait Commission

Painted Portraits

I was delighted to recently receive a commission to provide 3 painted portraits for a friend.  Here are the painted images and the original photos.

Family Portrait

Bride Portrait

Bride-Groom Portrait

These portraits were digitally painted and then printed by my lab on canvas mounted on masonite.

I take commissions for painted images (portraits, pets and homes).


I love to get comments and questions from site visitors.  Please leave yours below. -Shirley

My latest digital paintings

Back to Digital Work

I was happy this last month and a half to get back to creating some digital paintings.

One of my friends was married and for this second marriage she wanted the fancy dress and all the other stuff.  My wedding gift to her was a painting from their wedding day. This was painted in Corel Painter, printed on canvas as a 20×30″, gallery wrapped and embellished with acrylic highlights and sealed again.

The second digital work was for me to enter into a juried art show at the Southeast Arkansas Arts and Science Center.  The Pine Bluff Art League’s annual show.  I was happy to get this one accepted into the show.  There were 65 entries and only 35 got accepted.

This image “Music Lesson” was dear to my heart, as it depicts my beautiful granddaughter “Hope Anne” and her grandpa Baldwin.  I enjoyed creating this digital painting with Corel Painter and having it printed on a 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic embellishments.

I typically create my digital paintings from my own photographs but I can also  create from your own photos if they are sharp images.  One the size of the wedding canvas would cost $400 and the size of the child one would cost $300.

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a painted canvas.


I welcome your questions and comments. -Shirley

MAY 2020 Web design special

Announcing a Web Design and Hosting MAY 2020 SPECIAL.

I am offering a special during May for creation of your small business website or blog site.  This special is limited to the FIRST 3 SMALL BUSINESSES WHO CONFIRM WITH Me to create their site. I create my websites and blog sites using WordPress, software that is in use world-wide by thousands of site creators.

SPECIAL BUSINESS PACKAGE $395- (Five-page site)

  1. Help in choosing and obtaining your domain name.  One year hosting is included with this special and up to two hours of modification work during the year.  Additional years hosting cost $80/year
  2. Helping you choose a design from 2 samples provided.  Your logo can be included in the design or I can provide you with up to 3 logo designs for you to choose from for $25.
  3. Creation and upload of your “Home” page with text provided by you. 
  4. Creation and upload of your “Contact Us” page with your pertinent information.
  5. Creation and upload of your “About us” page with your pertinent information.
  6. Creation and upload of your “Products or Services” Page with your pertinent information.
  7. Creation and upload of your “Testimonial” page with customer quotes provided by you.
  8. Page design can include up to 2 photos provided by you and up to 20 product or service photos provided by you.  All photos are enhanced and properly sized for optimal load time.  Additional photos are $15 each.
  9.  All content wording is provided by you. I will format and design the page using your words.  (I can help by showing you what similar businesses say).
  10.  There are up to 1000 words allowed for each page (additional word content is $25/1000 words).
  11.  Initial submission of your sites sitemap to Google and Bing for indexing is included
  12.  Creation and inclusion of initial keywords included
  13.  E commerce functions, pdf creation, will cost extra.
  14.  Annual hosting includes modifications of up to two hours.  Additional modifications and edits can be made at $30/hour.

I can work with you via email or phone to create your site.  At this time, in house or home visits can not be made.


  1. Contact me and initial Information gathering
  2. Site Planning/Domain name choosing and registration
  3. Choosing a Theme Design (I will set up two site theme designs for you to choose from)
  4. Site Development and approval, with up to 2 hours of modification work included.
  5. Testing and Publishing
  6. Maintenance/hosting (First year hosting included, additional modifications at $30/hour)

Contact me if you are interested

My email:

Website:  Art by Shirley Dawson

Design Samples:


I welcome comments and questions, please leave yours below -Shirley



Todays drawing

Drawing a shoe with contour lines

Today I have been working more on the lessons in the Ultimate Drawing class I’m taking online

This lesson has been on lines, specifically “contour” lines

The teacher used a boot to draw, but I don’t have boots, so I used my shoe.  I’m pretty tired so I did this very quickly and I really didn’t do so well.  It is late and my light in the office is not so good, so I’m having trouble seeing details in the shoe.

But anyway, here’s a photo of my shoe and my drawing.  Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow to see if I can do it better in a more lighted situation and my eyes working better. Continue reading

image of Shirley's eye drawing

Today I started a new drawing course

Back to my love of drawing

I’ve been so busy with my affiliate website training and sites that I have neglected my art.  My daughter, Jennifer, has been doing some painting and drawing herself and when I visited her recently at Thanksgiving, I watched her paint and draw and felt the urge to draw coming upon me.

So when I got back home and saw Udemy’s drawing courses were on sale for Cyber Monday, I purchased a few new drawing courses at $9.99.  A great deal. Continue reading

Springdale’s 2018 Little Craft Show

Little Craft Show – 2018

I found out today about the 2018 Little Craft Show in downtown Springdale on Saturday May 12th, 2018.

There will be arts, crafts, and food.

Admission is free and the hours are 10am to 6pm.

I’m planning on attending this year.  I’ll be back with a review of my trip after Sunday


ATC Supplies

Where do I get my ATC supplies

Here are links to my favorite ATC supplies on Amazon.

Cards (blank) and Papers

Continue reading

I’ve made a BIG decision!

My BIG decision

I’ve decided to pack away most of my traditional art supplies.  You may ask why have I decided to do this?  It boils down to “space”.  When we moved to Bella Vista last year, we downsized a lot and I have very little storage space or extra space at all.  Lots of my art supplies have already been packed away into tubs and stored in the basement, but I still have significant art items in my home that I really have no place to keep, much less layout to work on creating art.  My dh has been complaining for a year about my work supplies cluttering up the house.  So I’m going to bite the bullet and pack up most of what I have left inside the house.  I may keep a small amount out to work on a few ATC’s but the rest is going to the garage or the basement. Continue reading

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 – Finally back to posting!

It’s been awhile but I’m back.

Recently I’ve been interested my photography, especially bird photography.  Mel and have are inundated with birds on our many feeders.   We have several on our deck and some out front too.  I watch a couple right outside my office window.  I love watching the pair of bluebirds who are nesting in our bluebird box out front. I can’t wait for the babies to hatch and I can photograph them.

I also have a hummingbird feeder I can watch from my office window and there is a precious little hummer that has been visiting.

Here are some of the images I’ve captured. Continue reading