Monday, October 16, 2016

A long weekend


Today, I’ve mostly rested from my long weekend. I traveled to my home town of White Hall, AR to man a booth at a local arts and craft show. There were three of us at our booth: my artist friends Gerry Delongchamp and Richard Davies. It was a slow day, with a limited crowd because of several conflicts in the neighborhood. However, I did enjoy catching up with what my friends were doing. I also was able to create a few ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for the Holiday Event hosted by my favorite secret ATC Facebook Group (Artist Trading Card Addicts). I’m creating 9 cards to swap with a lady who lives in Athins, Greece.  Each of these cards must have a holiday theme and be a standard sized ATC.

Heres an image of one of the cards I created Saturday with sharpies and colored pencils: It is sized 2.5x 3.5 inches – standard ATC size.


Holiday artist trading card.

I created six more cards to send to Marina in Athens. I have two more to create.

I will be receiving 9 cards from a US artist who lives in California. I’m so looking forward to seeting what Julie will be sending me. I love trading cards with other artists.  I have artist cards from all over the world and my mini art is also traded all over the world.  I love it!

There are several facebook groups for artists who trade their cards.  This is currently my favorite group and is very active.

You can read about ATCs here.



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